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Fighting With Enneagram Eights


Enneagram style 8 is one that is often misunderstood and maligned as being aggressive, heartless, or cold. Check out this cartoon description of an 8: This couldn’t be further from the truth- beneath a prickly exterior is a truly soft and gentle soul. If you are in a close relationship with an 8 though it […] Read more…

5 Building Blocks to Relationships


Relationships are tricky, particularly figuring out what exactly is wrong when you aren’t experiencing as much fulfillment as you once were. Take a look at my handy list which identifies where the breakdown might be: 5 building blocks of balanced (romantic) relationships Safety- this is the most basic of the 5 in the sense that […] Read more…

View of Self


So I have been thinking and reading about Keirsey temperament theory (yes this is my idea of fun!) and came across a particularly intriguing concept. This idea described the view of self, making the assertion that an inflated view of self causes insecurity, while a low view of self contributes to feelings of guilt and […] Read more…



Thanks for visiting my new blog location over here at WordPress. I hope you have also visited my new website at! This has been quite a work in progress and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed your time and efforts- my clients who wrote testimonials for me, Lynne Lawlor Photography, Jeanna […] Read more…

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