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Enneagram Personality Test


enneagram personailty tests Denver Colorado

One of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves is the Enneagram, an ancient symbol of diversity, change and transformation.

The Enneagram of Personality is a model of human personality which is principally used as a typology of nine interconnected personality types which are represented by the points of a geometric figure called an enneagram, which also indicates some of the connections between the types.

Coach Jan Shegda Enneagram Personality Testing

Click here to read some blog entries about the Enneagram, or book consultation here.

enneagram test and assessmentWhat it is: The Enneagram is a personality assessment used to gain insight into workplace dynamics, self-understanding and development, as well as an understanding of how to relate to others in your life.

What you can expect: Practical tips about how to grow in your focus area(s), which include:

  • Leadership style
  • Conflict resolution with work colleague, spouse or child
  • Best fit career choices/college majors
  • Spiritual/personal growthSchedule_Button for enneagram testing
  • Best fit romantic partner
  • Addiction recovery style
  • Parenting style
  • What is included:

    • 200 question WEPSS assessment (approx. 30 minutes in length).
    • A comprehensive overview of your personal Enneagram type- main style, wing, variant stack, and Tritype (4w5 sx/so 458, for example)
    • 4 focus areas of your choice
    • Copies of all materials and resources
  • Pricing: $325 for 90 minute consultation. Book a free consultation here.

    For Enneagram-focused Follow-Up Coaching: $185

    Enneagram Success Story:

    “I met Jan at an Enneagram workshop she held at The Refuge. My therapist thought it would be beneficial to know my type as we worked together but I had taken the online test twice, each time coming up with conflicting results. Jan was able to untangle my confusion and clarify not only my type but my wing, tritype and variants. We also nailed down my Myers-Briggs profile! A more definite understanding of myself has allowed me to use the Enneagram more effectively to identify my strengths and weaknesses and enable me to begin becoming the best version of me. I am extremely grateful for her expertise! “

    – AmyJo Becker