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Myers-Briggs Assessment

Meyers-Briggs Assessment Test Denver Colorado

The Myers-Briggs Assessment (MBTI) is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences. It is based on the work of Carl Jung. The MBTI evaluates where an individual falls on 4 Dichomoties as seen below.

Your preferences form a 4 letter type, such as ESTJ or INTP, and this type describes how you solve problems, how you get information from your environment, and how you prefer to interact with your environment. This information is invaluable in determining best career fit, needs in relationships at work and home, and your particular brand of intelligence, leadership and expertise.

Meyers-Briggs Assessment Testing

Read some blog entries about the MBTI, or book consultation here.


Meyers-Briggs AssessmentWhat it is: The Myers-Briggs Assessment is designed to measure the differences people perceive the world, the motivation behind the decisions we make, and underlie our interests, needs, and values.

What you can expect: Practical tips about how to grow in your focus area, which include:

  • Career style
  • Communication style
  • Conflict resolution style
  • Stress management style
  • Decision making style

    What is included:

    • Online assessment (30 minutes in length).
    • Validation process to confirm true type
    • 1 focus area of choice
    • Copies of all materials and resources

    Pricing: $220 for 50 minute consultation. Book a free consultation here.

    For MBTI-focused Follow-Up Coaching: $185