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I built my individual coaching services around the concept of empowering you to find the life and work you love. The beauty of each of these services lies in their flexibility and ability to combine with your personal learning. When considering the individual career coaching services offered, we work to find a customized solution for you. Click here to learn more about our Individual Services, including the following services.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Individual Coaching
  • Enneagram Assessment
  • Myers-Briggs Assessment
  • MBTI & Enneagram Joint Consultation
  • Healing Prayer

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Corporate_Services Having spent time working at Deloitte, I understand exactly how fast paced businesses can move. Your organization is only as great as the team of people within it. Let us partner together in making your team the most efficient unit possible. Corporate Coaching can include working with individual employees or supporting your entire team through targeted sessions. Click here to learn more about our Corporate Coaching Services, including the following services.

  • Strategy Session
  • Executive Coaching
  • Speaking Engagement Workshops
  • Conflict Coaching

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Personality Assessments Denver When discussing coaching, my clients are often met with the question “Who am I?” In exploring your personality, you are likely to make countless strides from self-exploration. At a point, external tools can be beneficial in further exploring who you are. As a certified trainer of MBTI, StrengthsFinder, and Enneagram, let me guide you through the process of figuring out yourself with the assistance of professionally designed tools. Click here to learn more about my Personality Testing, including the following services.

  • Enneagram
  • Myers Briggs Assessment
  • StrengthsFinder

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Speaking_Engagements There is no one direct path towards discovering the best steps for you or your organization. If you are considering starting a coaching process but are looking for an extra push, look into our packages. I intentionally designed each of these packages to provide you the maximum benefit. Each of these tools works with a variety of my individual and corporate services to offer you the perfect solution. Packages are more intensive in their reach, but all can be customized as needed. Click here to learn more about my Speaking Engagements and Packages, including the following items.

  • Speaking Engagement Workshops
  • Career Transition
  • Organizational Assessment

Click here to read about Speaking Engagements and Packages.

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