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Speaking Engagements and Packages




What it is: A live presentation of content to your team or organization, in alignment with your values and objectives.

What to expect: Customized workshop or speaking engagement based on your specific objectives. Sample past engagements include:

  • The Enneagram: A Tool for Personal and Professional Development
  • Building A Strengths Based Team with The StrengthsFinder
  • Eliminating Success Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Team Building With The MBTISchedule_Button

What is included:

  • Custom content designed to meet your organizational needs

Pricing: Inquire for a custom quote. Book a free consultation here


Organizational Assessment Package


What it is: Analysis of current team dynamics, strengths and liabilities. Identifying the specific traits necessary to succeed in a given role. Analysis of current employees in the roles.

What to expect:

  • Optimization and best fit of roles and responsibilities for current employees
  • Enhanced teaming, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Support for executive(s) in identifying and implementing necessary changes

What is included:

  • MBTI, Enneagram, and Strengthsfinder testing with each employee
  • 3 coaching sessions monthly for a 3 month period with team leader or executive (total of 9 sessions)
  • Team building workshop (customized)
  • Comprehensive summary of all results
  • Ideal temperament template for each role

Pricing: Contact me for pricing